soda and espresso bar

About the owner

   My name Is Mia, and I am a go big or go home kind of girl!!! I have raced almost everything from karts and drag cars to track bikes. One of my new favorite family hobbies is our turbocharged RZR. I believe in living life fully pinned until it eventually takes me out!!! Ya only live once, So always push yourself to be your best and love what you do. BE YOU!!! I Fell in love with coffee years ago, and as part of my routine, my special time was as the sun rises over our beautiful mountains, and I have grown a love with my customers and only offer the best espresso! That way, as your life stays busy as ever and wonderful, I can share that special few minutes with you. I love my Family and customers and take pride in everything I do! Come say hi and see why we're here to stay!




3685 W 5400 S

Taylorsville, UT



10428 South Jordan Gateway

Suite 99,

South Jordan

(attached to Jordan Station Apartments next to Cafe Wave)



Feel free to call ahead!


soda and espresso bar